Shell TAT MESC Valve Solution

The Shell-managed TAMAP database is the only official repository for TAMAP manufacturer and valve product qualification data. It registers Supplier Qualifications, Passed Technical Audit, Passed DVT tested valves plus extended qualified valve ranges and where "DVT is still required ”. 

EFA manufacturer has been granted a conditional DVT qualification to supply valves for following scope of supply: Small Forged Gate, Globe αndCheck VαIves, Large Cast Gate, Globe αndCheck Valves, Floαting Ball Valves and Trunnion Ball Valves, Butterfly VαIves and Dual Plate Check Valves

Welcome to contact us for TAT valve recommendation, we are able to match your requirements to Shell TAT valves.


What can we do for You

1. We can provide a technical proposal & commercial proposal according to your provided MESC code;

2. We can propose you correct MESC code according to your valve description among Shell +40000 MESC valve code.

3. We can offer your competitive price for valves with Shell TAT requirements.