Strict Process Management

Alliance Industry is well acclaimed by our customers and peers for the high quality products and services, we obtained the management system certificate that fulfills requirements included in the ISO9001, certified by TÜV Rheinland. null

Professional Team with sufficient product knowledge and worldwide perspective.

Our team has in-depth experience of valve industry as well as the knowledge of our customers' applications. 

We pay unrivaled attention to details and help our customers by working through valve options that fit their needs, sourcing the appropriate material, and delivering the right products on time. Our engineers are familiar with all major end users and EPCs and their approved manufacturers lists (AML).

Close Relationships with Global and Local Manufacturers

We have close relationships with many of the world’s leading valve manufacturers, including global and local top brands, which allows us to provide world class products and on time service to our customers.  These relationships, established over many years, help manage the complexities inherent in multi-faceted projects with complex requirements and delivery schedules.

Approved by EPCs and end users

Our ability and integrity has wined us high recognition from customers, so besides the basic market access and industry certification, Alliance helps gaining manufactures’ approvals from end users which is very important in the valve industry.

Widest Range of Inventory

With a vast local and global inventory as well as a team of experienced professionals, we are able to provide 24/7 support and material for many shutdown projects, MRO needs, and emergencies.

Provide Valves with Authoritative Certificates

Through cooperating with top manufactures who had earned SHELL TAT or NORSOK CERTIFICATE, we confidently assure our customers that only the right and world-class valves will be delivered with the correct documentation.

Strong Problem Solver

No matter how hard-find valves or how special the valve is, we are ready and able to help you out, based on our vast inventory as well as the sufficient supply resources. Alliance, as a strong problem solver, is your reliable partner for projects required hard-searching, special and customized valves.

Shell TAT Valve

As one of our strength, Alliance Industry are able to provide valves with authoritative certificates, such as SHELL TAT. Our supply chain made us able to provide the largest approval scope of shell tat valves, which means a much more competitive solution for you. Welcome to contact us for TAT valve recommendation, we are able to match your requirements to Shell TAT valves.

Main Scope:

Valve Type




Gate Valves



Including cryogenic valve



Including cryogenic valve

Globe Valves



Including cryogenic valve

Check Valves



Including cryogenic valve

Floating Ball Valves







Trunnion Mounted Ball Valves