ARI-Armaturen is a leading international developer, manufacturer and distributor of valves as well as complementary services linked to the control, isolation, safety and steam trapping of liquid and gaseous media.  

For over 50 years, ARI has offered an all-round technology and service concept for industrial processes, process engineering chemicals, shipbuilding and in building automation and control, for isolating, securing, controlling and steam trapping the flow of liquids and gases, worldwide.

Put your trust in the benefits of a dependable partnership in which ARI ARMATUREN offers you absolute customer orientation, technically know-how backed by modern developments, stringent testing on their own test facilities. For example, the thermal oil plant, the steam boiler installation or the pneumatic test facility for safety valves.

High operational safety and reliability based on cutting-edge manufacturing technology at ARI's three German production sites in Schloß Holte-Stukenbrock, Homberg Efze and Halle on the Sala River. Computerized link-up of all company divisions, benefits which pay dividents for you.

ARI's success has always been based on speed expertise and high performance combined with the ultimate in quality standards. One important prerequisite is the first-class training and further training of the people who work for them.

ARI ARMATUREN offers a multitude of product solutions tailor-made to meet clients' individual requirements with ten thousand products in over a hundred thousand versions for isolating, securing, controlling and steam trapping.

ARI offer you the ultimate in quality flexibility and know-how wherever there is a need to isolate, secure, control or divert liquids, vapors or gases, based on ARI's one-stop-shop philosophy.

ZIVA, your high-level butterfly valve for industrial use

FABA long life, your long-life bellows seal stop valve

EURO-WEDI, your soft sealing stop valve in 2 face to face lengths

ASTRA, your balancing valve

SAFE, your safety valve for the protection of pressurized tanks and pipelines. It was awarded the ASME/UV seal of approval for steam gases and liquids, recorded by a coveted entry in the ASME Redbook.

PREDU, your pressure reducer, also available in ANSI standard

STEVI, your control valve for variable precision control, available with electric or pneumatic actuator.

PREMIO, your high-performance electric actuator, flexibility thanks to easy variable conversion on-site.

CONA, your variable trap technology, with float, bimetal, diaphragm and thermodynamic steam traps

CODI, your collector and diverter of condensate vapor liquids.

So you see, with ARI, you get individual technology concepts tailor-made for each sphere of application.

Key milestones in the ARI success story

►1950   Formation of ARI-Armaturen GmbH & Co.KG by Albert Richter

►1952   Acquisition of the company by Brechmann-Guss GmbH & Co. KG

►1969   New facility opens in Homberg / Efze

►1970   New ARI products: FABA stop valves and STEVI control valves

►1980   New ARI product: SAFE safety valves

►1988   New ARI product: ASTRA flow regulating valves

►1999   AWH Armaturenwerke Halle GmbH joins the ARI group

►1999   New addition to the ARI portfolio: CONA steam traps

►2002   Acquisition of Wittler Armaturen GmbH

►2008   New application engineering technology: PRESys, CORsys, ENCOsys

►2011   Acquisition of Comeval S.L., Spain

►2012   Acquisition of Valvosteel s.r.l., Italy

►2012   New ARI product: ZETRIX process valves

►2013   Acquisition of AR Safety Systems and their full line of API safety relief valves

►2014   Acquisition of Steamline in India

►2015   Portfolio Extension: ZETRIX double flange 28“-48“, lug type up to 24”

►2016   Acquisition of Bermo Válvulas e Equipamentos Industriais Ltda, Brazil